UAE Moves To Aid Pakistan’s Drought Victims

UAE Moves To Aid Pakistan's Drought Victims

UAE Moves To Aid Pakistan’s Drought Victims

Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates Pakistan Assistance Programme (UAE PAP) has mobilised 1500 tonnes of basic food aid including infant formula to be distributed among 20,000 needy families in the drought-affected Tharparkar district in Pakistan’s Sindh province.

In a statement Wednesday, the UAE PAP administration said that under the directives of UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan this was the first global response to the crisis that has threatened 1.2 million people of the region.

Already 67 children have died due to lack of food, poor health care and cold weather.

“A time plan has been set for the implementation of the generous initiative in coordination with the World Health Organization, government of Pakistan, and Pakistan army,” the UAE PAP said in the statement.

“The processing of 1500 tonnes of food has been started according to the latest specifications and quality controls in terms of nutritional and health value.”

It said each food basket will weigh 75 kilograms, containing food supplies that include infant formula, flour, rice, sugar, salt, lentils, cooking oil and tea.

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