Very Few Exceptions To Corrupt Politicians: Anna




Very Few Exceptions To Corrupt Politicians: AnnaAnti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Thursday charged “political and criminal forces” of trying to dilute the nationwide movement against graft by defaming and criticising the campaign for a comprehensive Lokpal Bill. “Some political and criminal forces are afraid of recent awakening and huge support of the common man to the Jan Lokpal Bill. They are trying to create confusion and defame the movement to defuse the emerging people’s movement for curbing corruption,” Hazare said in Ralegan Siddhi village, 40 kms away from Ahmednagar.

On criticism for reported remarks against political leaders, the social activist said that he never said that all politicians in India are corrupt. “There are very few exceptions at all levels. But those exceptions can be honoured only if they too raise their voice against known corruption in their close circles. Keeping mum on issues related to corruption is also silent support to corruption and such leaders who fall in that category are actually of no use for nation,” he said.

The veteran also faced flak from the Congress and NCP for allegedly calling voters corrupt and dishonest. In this regard, the 73-year-old Gandhian said, “Political parties and leaders are responsible for maligning the voter’s character in this country. They usually earn lot of black money using power and distribute a little amount of it to voters in elections to grab sympathy for their corrupt practises. Is it possible today for candidates who are meritorious and possess good moral character and commitment to win an election without huge amount of black money,” he asked.

Under attack for appreciating Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and his Bihar counterpart Nitish Kumar, Anna said he only lauded their developmental efforts and has always condemned every communal riot including the one in 1984. Hazare will leave for Delhi on Friday to attend the first meeting of the draft committee for Jan Lokpal Bill on April 16. He expressed his gratitude for the common man as well as all NGOs for their selfless involvement in the movement against corruption.



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