3.1 Km Long Tricolour Displayed In Andhra

Hyderabad: They engineered what they claim to be the longest national flag ever in the world. At 3.1 km length, the tricolour that the students of Dr Paul Raj Engineering College displayed on the Republic Day at Bhadrachalam town in Khammam district could well justify their claim to the fame.
As the students carried the massive flag – three metres wide and weighing a whopping 750 kg – from the Bridge Centre to the college premises, they set off a wave of patriotic fervour in the town. 
According to college secretary K. Abraham, six tailors and 16 students worked for 20 days to stitch the longest flag together. The organisers spent Rs.1 million on the flag. The organisers said they have informed the Guinness World Records and also the Limca Book of Records of their endeavour.
The effort also inspired schools elsewhere in Andhra Pradesh to outdo one another and set their own records of oversized national flags. At Gooty in Anantapur district, over 600 students marched through the town with a 1,064-metre long tricolour.
The national flag displayed at Bheemavaram in West Godavari district was claimed to be 27,566-ft-long. The organisers have claimed entry into the Limca Book of Records.

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