Bobby Jindal Slams Obama for Prisoners Swap

Indian-American Louisiana’s governor Bobby Jindal has lambasted President Obama for releasing five Taliban prisoners in exchange of an American soldier who was in Taliban’s captivity for past five years.

“The president may have swapped much more than meets the eye here. To gain the release of one soldier, he may have agreed to the release of five terrorists who will kill again. After all, that is why we were still holding these five men until Saturday,” Jindal wrote in an op-ed to Fox news.

Jindal who would be looking to win the 2016 Presidential election, claimed that refusing to negotiate with terrorists makes Americans safer.

“Terrorists all over the world need to know that our interaction with them will be limited solely to our effort to destroy them,” he said.

“This entire episode flies directly in the face not only of long established American foreign policy, but it also directly contradicts what the New York Times and other publications note is the official foreign policy of the Obama administration ‘Don’t Do Stupid Stuff’. But of course, in keeping with the style of this White House, they used a less polite word than ‘stuff’,” Jindal said. 

Jindal who was first ever Indian American governor and a leading Republican politician, said he completely disagrees with the manner in which the current Obama government secured Sgt Bowe Bergdahl’s freedom.

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