Devinder Sivia Gets Bail In Oxford Murder Case


London: A 49-year-old mathematics lecturer at Oxford University, Devinder Sivia, was arrested and later released on bail after the body of his British colleague was found at his home.


The body of Steven Rawlings, a 50-year-old world-renowned astrophysicist, was found at the home of Devinder Sivia in Oxfordshire last week.


Sivia, who lectures at St John’s College, was arrested from his bungalow in Southmoor on Thursday and questioned by officers from Thames Valley Police.


He is a stipendiary lecturer in Mathematics for Sciences at Oxford University. Rawling’s family, however, said they did not believe that Sivia could have murdered his friend and blamed the death on “a tragic accident”.

Linda Davey, the 64-year-old elder sister of Rawling, said he was not the type of man to get into an argument over anything.

“They have been friends for 30 years. We can’t think that there was any kind of fight. We can only assume that it was a terrible accident. Steven was big, but he was gentle,” Davey said.

Police said the two academicians reportedly had an argument after returning to Sivia’s house following a meal at a local pub.

Both had been friends for many years, and also co-wrote a book, “Foundations of Science Mathematics”, which was published in 1999.

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