India, Russia Prepare For INDRA-2012 Military Drills

Moscow: Russia and India Monday started preparations for the joint INDRA-2012 military exercises scheduled to be held in Russia this summer, a Russian official said.
Lt. Col. Alexander Gordeyev, spokesman for the Eastern Military District, said: “An Indian military delegation arrived on Monday in Ulan Ude (in Russia’s Far East) to discuss the preparation for INDRA-2012 military drills to be held this summer.”
Russian and Indian military officials will survey the terrain at the training range where the drills will be held, the spokesman said.
Since 2003, India and Russia have conducted five of the INDRA-series joint ground and naval exercises. The last such exercise was held between the two countries’ army units in India in October 2010.
However, Russia cancelled both INDRA-series ground and naval exercises last year despite an earlier announcement by the Russian General Staff that INDRA drills may be held every year and involve three branches of the armed forces.

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