John Oliver blasts western media for ignoring Indian elections

 “Let’s begin by dealing with Gandhi first. I know, I know, it’s not the first time that’s been said in a British accent.”

Emmy winning writer John Oliver, who was a guest host on ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’, recently got his own show called ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ and with its very first episode, the British comedian has become a social media favourite in India.

Oliver dedicates a 10-minute segment to the Indian elections, which with over 800 million eligible voters, is the largest exercise of democracy in human history, something that the American media is completely ignoring.

Oliver begins the segment by showing a clip of debates on American news channels about the Indian elections, where a guest can be seen saying, “India is not even in the same hemisphere and there’s no point of discussing it.”

Then he moves on to mock Congress’ vice president Rahul Gandhi, calling him ‘Indian Hans Solo’ and pointing out how despite his political lineage is likely to lose to a ‘tea seller’.

Talking about BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Oliver takes a dig at the American media saying, “Don’t pretend you aren’t interested in this, America. The last time you heard a rags-to-riches story about a tea-selling Indian kid, you threw a f***ing Oscar at it.”

He also mocks Modi about the 2002 Gujarat riots, “No election is complete—or entertaining—without a little scandal, a ‘je ne sais, genocide’.”

He then turns to the Indian media, mocking them for taking too many cues from the West. He first takes a dig at CNN in India for using the title “One Billion Votes” for a story about the election, when India actually has only 800 million voters, saying “Their own graphic is wrong by the entire population of Brazil.”

His next gig stop is Times Now’s Newshour debate, which he claims has come close to American media. “Do you have a ludicrous number of people shouting at each other in a TV debate? Check.”

“Holy s***! They’ve stolen our formula,” cries Oliver as he ‘mourns’ the ‘Foxification’ of Indian TV news.

You can watch the video here:

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