Jon Stewart of The Daily Show devotes airtime to Indian elections

Following in the footsteps of British comedian John Oliver’s HBO show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has devoted some airtime to the world’s biggest election.

As India’s six-week long election came to a close this week – announcing the country’s new prime minister as BJP leader Narendra Modi on Friday – The Daily Show aired the first of a two-part segment in which one of its correspondents “begrudgingly” travels to India to find out more about the country’s politics.

“I am not embarrassed at all to admit that I know nothing about India,” Jason Jones says  in an interview with the United States’ Consul General of India

Jones eventually travels to Delhi where he learns more about the subcontinent’s democracy.

He quickly learns that India’s 800 million-plus voters are quite engaged in their country’s politics.

“With 150 million first time voters, maybe India’s youth is a little more engaged than ours,” Jones jokes.

Watch the full segment below:

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