NY Man Who Firebombed Mosques Undergoing Medical Assessment


New York: The New York man, facing hate crime charges for attacking an Islamic centre and a Hindu temple, went about throwing molotov cocktails at the places as he “hated all Muslims and Arabs” for trying to take over his life and wanted to inflict the maximum damage to them.

Ray Lazier Lengend, 40, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison on hate crime and arson charges.

He told police authorities that he attacked the centres over the weekend as he believed Muslims were trying to take over his life.

Lengend, a naturalised US citizen from Guyana, is currently being held in a Manhattan hospital where he is undergoing medical treatment.

According to a court document provided by the Queens District Attorney’s Office, Lengend told police “in response to being asked why he would attack a mosque, the defendant stated that he hated all the Muslims and Arabs because they were trying to take over his life. They have been doing it for 40 years”.

Lengend has been arraigned and is being held without bail.

The unemployed truck driver hurled the firebombs at five locations across Queens near here on New Year’s day, including at an Islamic centre, a home that housed a temple and a convenience store.

He had also cited personal grudges for not being allowed to use the toilet at the centre and for being thrown out of the store for shoplifting as reasons he was upset with the owners of the place.




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