Obama donor goes free with light punishment after kicking girlfriend 117 times

Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO of RadiumOne, was recently caught on camera violently abusing his girlfriend. Chahal attacked his girlfriend, kicking her over 117 times, according to police reports he also made threats to murder his girlfriend.

Unsurprisingly, he was given a very lenient punishment, perhaps it pays to have friends in high places? Since 2011, Chahal has contributed over $100,000 to democrats; he personally visited Obama in 2011. He also visited with the First Lady at the White House in 2012.

For his aggressive attacks against his partner, Chahal received only 25 days of community service and no jail time. Whereas other individuals who commit a victimless-crime such as marijuana possession are sentenced with multiple years in prison, Chahal here goes free with light community service even though he used force and aggression in assaulting his girlfriend.

Police obtained CCTV footage which demonstrated the multi-millionaire Chahal kicking his girlfriend in the head and attempting to suffocate her. Originally, he had been charged with 45 felony counts in regard to the incident, based on the security footage that San Francisco police pulled from his bedroom. He ended up pleading guilty to two of his charges and leaving with community service and probation, after a judge ruled the video inadmissible as the SFPD had obtained the footage without a proper warrant. The victim also withdrew her testimony for unknown reasons and refused to cooperate. A secret out-of-court deal is a decent guess.

Chahal ended up pleading guilty to one charge of domestic violence battery and one charge of battery, he was sentenced with to only 25 hours of community service and 3 years probation. He also must complete a 52-week domestic violence training course. Sadly, Chahal remains working as a ‘motivational speaker and lecturer,’ he continues to be frequently posting “leadership tips” on his various social networking platforms to his numerous followers. Despite being a very lenient sentence for such a destructive crime,  it is actually a harsher sentence than a Halliburton ex-manager received for destroying evidence in regard to the BP Gulf disaster.

~ M Caulfield


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