Transportation options in Canada

Once you’ve secured housing, you’ll want to figure out your transportation situation. You have two options available to you:

1. Purchasing a car or
2. Using public transportation to get around.

1. Purchasing a car:
If you choose to purchase a car, you may want to opt for a used vehicle. Check with local car dealerships, the auto trade magazines (often free, you’ll find these are distributed on street corners in publication boxes), classified ads in your local newspaper or on bulletin boards at the grocery store, your local community centre, etc.

Be sure that the car meets emission and certification requirements in your province by having the owner take it with you to a local mechanic shop.

2. Using public transportation: 
This may be the more accessible transportation for you and your family to take in your first month. Contact your city’s transportation authority for information on monthly pass and ticket fares for buses and subway trains. Next, figure out the bus routes in your area, including times and ride duration, and all the key stops you’ll need to use.


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