BJP, Please Explain Silence on Sena Controversy

(Milind Deora is from the Congress and is the former MP from South Mumbai)

The Shiv Sena MPs’ assault at Maharashtra Sadan was much more than a case of religious bigotry. In fact, I don’t even want to bring in a Congress vs Shiv Sena or a Hindu vs Muslim narrative into the argument. It was an assault on Indian democracy and an act of hooliganism on the part of those elected to the country’s highest office.

Mob or vigilante justice has been a hallmark of Shiv Sena and MNS’s politics and also extends itself to other fringe elements across religions. The shocking part, however, is BJP’s deafening silence on the issue even before they complete 100 hundred days in office. Are these the “achche din” Indians should expect for the next five years? Given that Shiv Sena MPs fought and won their elections as NDA candidates, brandishing the incumbent Prime Minister’s name, surely the BJP must take some political responsibility for their actions. However, all we’ve heard so far are justifications, communal bogeys or denial.

With the Maharashtra Assembly elections coming up later this year, the BJP and Shiv Sena must apologise, punish the errant MPs and demonstrate that mob justice will not be tolerated. India elected NDA to safeguard her social and political diversity. Development cannot only be limited to economic growth.

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