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Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10

By Ayush

The spring season is wonderful time for the tech world to reveal a ton of new products in many different categories of technology and gadgets. Many products have been released, announced and rumored to be coming to stores near you this early spring.  The most popular gadgets that seem to get everyone’s attention are the new line of cellphones to be launched by Blackberry, Samsung, and of course Apple. The Blackberry Z10 is getting the most attention since they’re completely different from anything the folks down at Research in Motion ever put out.

Positive:  RIM did a good job making it more consumer friendly, made a new slim, futuristic design, and a actually useable OS compared to the old one.

Negative: Compared to most Cell Phones these days, the BlackBerry’s OS does not cut out to what iOS, and more so for android. The quantity and quality of apps still need time to grow and improve overtime.

Another Device expected to release in the near future is the latest in the Galaxy Note Tablet series by Samsung. The Galaxy Note series is known for its nice bright touch screen display. It’s no secret that it’s going to be released very soon thanks to all of the leaked pictures and information striking the web daily.

The buzz in Japan is a new Sony PlayStation 4, which is rumoured to release sometime in late 2013. Reports have estimated to new console by Sony is going to be around $425 USD and going to be announced on February 20th along with other products that the future of Sony have to offer, and be put out in stores around January of this year. Sony has not responded to these any of the rumors.

The iPhone, or any product by apple for that matter is always bombarding the Internet, and many tech websites with tons of rumors. Alike every other iPhone the rumors for the iPhone 5S starting blowing up as soon as the iPhone 5 was announced. Sadly at he moment the rumors have no solid proof, and the supposed leaked pictures that were all over the internet the past month were reported as fake.

More in the news of tablets, the Microsoft Surface Pro recently has been released and it could be better then portrayed. With its amazingly crisp 1080p HD screen, the capabilities of a full-fledged ultra book, and it’s thin cover with they very portable keyboard. Although all these heaven like tablet features may be crossed out with the negatives of the tablet. The fact that it costs as much as a real laptop, its only 64 gigabytes which is extremely low for a laptop, and its very low battery life does make it so its not worth the $899 USD with the keyboard cover not included. We still have hope for the tablet but I think the tablet will progress in time.

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