Kalki Koechlin Moves To Andheri

 Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin

Ever since the lovely jodi of Kalki Koechlin and Anurag Kashyap separated, they have been living by themselves. While Kalki had earlier shifted out into a place close to Anurag’s, since the past two months, she has been looking out for another place to rent. The fact that she is a gori foreigner combined with the fact that she is a single celebrity made it difficult for her.

Apparently Kalki has finally found herself a place in Andheri and is moving in shortly with her mother. Confirming the same, Kalki said, “I had earlier found a place and really liked it, but just when I was about to get it, the woman met me and drastically increased the price. Then, at another place, as soon as they found out that it is for a celebrity, they refused as they said that they didn’t want media and stuff there. Plus being a gori skin, there is a huge stereotype attached to how you will be. I know that I look younger and don’t look as responsible as I am, so it takes a while for people to warm up. It’s funny, but even when I moved out last year, my neighbours were wary of me, since they always found me dressed in tight jeans. Till one day, I went and knocked on their door and had chai with them and then they would go, ‘Oh, you are very simple.’ So, it’s just about breaking that perception, I guess.”

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